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Welcome to NPTU

Services and Duties

Administration Section

  1. Managing and maintaining computer labs
  2. Managing computer access around campus
  3. Promoting information certification
  4. Organizing related network seminars, lectures, and registration for extension education courses
  5. Coordinating and carrying out CNC policies  
  6. Providing services for various kinds of documents and consultations;managing and maintaining computer document system
  7. Managing the CNC’s budget

Networking Section

  1. Managing and maintaining campus backbone networks
  2. Managing and maintaining computer networks in dormitories and administration buildings
  3. Managing and maintaining various network servers including E-mail, FTP, and DNS
  4. Managing and maintaining campus VOIP system
  5. Managing the information security management system (ISMS)

System Development Section

  1. Developing and maintaining the Academic Administration System
  2. Supporting the administration units to improve services and application systems
  3. Managing the Web and database server
  4. Creating and maintaining the NPTU and CNC websites
  5. Providing co-location services to the administrative units that serve whole school
  6. Providing NPTU’s administrative units with technical assistance for data conversion