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Welcome to NPTU


NPTU’s computer and network center (CNC) provides students, faculty and staff with convenient access to computing and network facilities in various locations. The CNC supports the information systems of academic affairs, student affairs, general affairs, payroll and personnel through a campus network and distributed database. There are currently eighteen computer labs on NPTU campus and each computer lab offers Windows 7, Windows 8, and Linux Fedora 17 or higher. The computer labs are located throughout campus with several computer labs designated as test sites for various certificates and skill evaluations. Each computer lab offers a variety of software applications, access to NPTU’s e-mail system, the Internet, and laser printers.


The CNC, under the leadership of the director, has three sections—the Administration Section, the Networking Section, and the System Development Section. Each section has its section chief who manages the section’s services and staff members.